Awesome WordPress Plugins

Send WooCommerce and Form Data to the most popular CRM’s

CRM Perks Forms

CRM Perks Forms

CRM Forms is highly optimized Contact Forms Builder. You can create Contact Forms , Popups and  floating buttons.

Wordpress HelpDesk

Customers can easily view tickets , create new tickets and reply to old tickets from wordpress.

Contact Form Plugins

With Contact Forms Plugins you can easily send entry details of 20+ Form Plugins to your CRM.

Features Overview

All of these features are included in our CRM Plugins

Multiple Accounts

Send data to multiple CRM Accounts from one plugin, just set up a feed for each

Multiple Feeds

Create multiple feeds & setup conditions for sending entries to CRM accounts

CRM Logs

View a detailed log of each entry sent (or not sent) to a CRM and easily resend an entry to a CRM

Error Reporting

If there is an error sending data to a CRM an email containing the error details can be sent to the admin

Real-time Pick Lists

Map local pick lists with CRM pick lists. Local pick lists will be automatically updated

Export CSV

Easily export CRM Logs as a CSV file for forecasting, bookkeeping, and accounting purposes

Full synchronization

If you update/delete/restore an entry that entry will be updated/deleted/restored in the CRM

Send Data as Notes

Feed in additional data with your CRM entries as a Note from one or multiple fields

Filter Entries

By default all entries are sent to the CRM, but you can apply filters & setup rules to limit entries sent


We save you the grey hairs by testing, testing, testing & making sure our plugins are ready

Detailed Documentation

We will walk you through set-up with our extensive & detailed documentation

Quick Support

Premier support & product updates. Our small team of experts is here to help you

Powerful Extensions

Yes, our Professional & Developer licenses include 10+ free add-on extensions



Get a visitor’s carrier information via Twilio’s API for international phone numbers.



Get all visitor details that are available online; using email, phone number or company url.



Get a visitor’s information via EveryOne’s API using their phone number.

WhitePages Caller ID

WhitePages Caller ID

Get a visitor’s information via WhitePages’ API using their phone number.



Get a visitor’s name using the OpenCNAM API.



Get the current weather of a visitor’s location based on their IP address.

Contact Form Entries Plugin

Saves entries from Contact Form 7 and  10+ Popular Contact Form Plugins at one place.

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