Shopify Salesforce Integration

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Create a Feed for Contact, Lead etc

Create a feed for Contact/Account/Lead. Map required fields in feed , set primary key (if needed). You can add your required fields in feed.

Create an Opportunity In Salesforce.

Create a feed for Opportunity and map your required fields. Optionally, you can assign Salesforce Account feed to Opportunity feed.

If you want to add Salesforce Contact to Opportunity then create a feed for Opportunity Contact Role , Select previously created Contact and Opportunity feed to related fields.

Send Shopify Order Items to Salesforce.

You can send shopify order items to Salesforce Opportunity/Order line items.

Assign One Object to other Object (e.g Assign Account to Contact)

You can use ID from other feeds in any feed. For example , assigning Account to Account Name field in Contact Object. Remember to select same Shopify Event (e.g Order Created) in both feeds.

Send Shipping as Line Item in Salesforce.

Map “Shipping Total” and ” Price Book ID Entry of Shipping Item” fields in feed.

You can easily get Price Book entry ID of shipping Product in Salesforce.

Send Shopify Checkout fields to Salesforce.

Easily send checkout fields as custom value tag {note_attributes_My-field} ,field name is “My Field” , replace empty space with dash.


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