Shopify Salesforce Integration

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Create a Feed for Contact, Lead etc

Create a feed for Contact/Account/Lead. Map required fields in feed , set primary key (if needed). You can add your required fields in feed.

Create an Opportunity In Salesforce.

Create a feed for Opportunity and map your required fields. Optionally, you can assign Salesforce Account feed to Opportunity feed.

If you want to add Salesforce Contact to Opportunity then create a feed for Opportunity Contact Role , Select previously created Contact and Opportunity feed to related fields.

Send Shopify Order Items to Salesforce.

You can send shopify order items to Salesforce Opportunity/Order line items.

Assign One Object to other Object (e.g Assign Account to Contact)

You can use ID from other feeds in any feed. For example , assigning Account to Account Name field in Contact Object.

Send Shipping as Line Item in Salesforce.

Map “Shipping Total” and ” Price Book ID Entry of Shipping Item” fields in feed.

You can easily get Price Book entry ID of shipping Product in Salesforce.


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