WooCommerce Zendesk Integration

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Show WooCommerce Orders in Zendesk Ticket

Install our WooCommerce by CRM Perks app in Zendesk then install our WooCommerce Zendesk Plugin in wordpress.

Copy Callback URL and Secret Key from WooCommerce Zendesk Plugin Settings and save it in WooCommerce by CRM Perks app. Open any ticket in Zendesk , customer’s Orders will be displayed along the ticket in Zendesk.

Optional Second Part

Create a Ticket in Zendesk from WooCommerce Order

If you want to create a ticket Zendesk from WooCommerce Order then connect your Zendesk account to WooCommerce.

Copy API Key from Zendesk.

Create a Feed for sending data from WooCommerce to Zendesk. Map WooCommerce fields to Zendesk fields.

All New Orders will be automatically sent to Zendesk. You can open any WooCommerce Order and click “Send to Zendesk” button.


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