Gravity Forms Dynamics CRM Plugin

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Powerful plugin that sends Gravity Forms entries into Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365. Easily create contact, account, case, order and lead when a form is submitted

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Key Features and Screenshots

Connect Account

Connect Dynamics crm/Dynamics 365 account to Gravity Forms by simply entering Dynamics crm url and click “Login to Dynamics”.

Fields Mapping

Easily map Gravity Forms fields to any Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 Object fields. This plugin supports following objects in Dynamics CRM

  • Lead
  • Account
  • Order
  • Case
  • Contact

Add a lead to campaign

You can add a lead to any campaign in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365.

Multiple Feeds

A Feed determines how data should be sent to Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365. You can create multiple feeds & setup conditions for sending entries to Dynamics CRM.

Error Reporting

If there is an error sending data to Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 an email containing the error details will be sent to the specified email.

CRM Logs

View a detailed log of each entry sent (or not sent) to Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 and easily resend an entry to Dynamics CRM.

Export Logs as CSV

Easily export Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 Logs as a CSV file for forecasting, bookkeeping, and accounting purposes.

Full Synchronization

All Gravity Forms entries are fully synchronized with Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 entries. If you update/delete/restore an entry that entry will be updated/deleted/restored in Dynamics CRM.

Filter Entries

By default all entries are sent to Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365, but you can apply filters & setup rules to limit the entries sent to CRM.

Assign Account

You can create and assign a account to any lead in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365.

Assign Contact

You can create and assign a contact to any lead in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365.

Powerful Extensions

Yes, our Professional & Developer licenses include 10+ free add-on extensions

Choose the Best Package

  • Basic
    $119 / Year
    • Use on 1 WordPress Site
    • 1 Year of Support & Updates
    • No Add-ons
    • Basic Email Support
  • Developer
    $299 / Year
    • Use on 25 WordPress Sites
    • 1 Year of Support & Updates
    • 15+ Premium Add-ons
    • Priority Email Support

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4 reviews for Gravity Forms Dynamics CRM Plugin

  1. David


  2. web (verified owner)

    Good Work

  3. Manpreet Singh (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin, saves a lot of time..

  4. Joel Rodencal (verified owner)

    Couldn’t ask for a better product than how this works. Works just like it should and notifies me when it has issues. It truly has been a set it and forget it plugin and I get all my data in Dynamics CRM.

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