Woocommerce Zoho Plugin

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Send WooCommerce order data easily into Zoho. Order data will be sent to your desired object according to the rules you put in place. Purchase a license below & get complete control over how you use your WooCommerce data.

Buyer Protection

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Key Features and Screenshots

Connect Account

Connect Zoho Account by simply entering Zoho API Token.

Fields Mapping

Easily map WooCommerce Order fields to any Zoho Object fields.

Export Event

Choose when WooCommerce Order data should be sent to Zoho.

Multiple Feeds

A Feed determines how WooCommerce orders data should be sent to Zoho CRM. You can create multiple feeds & setup conditions for sending entries to Zoho CRM.

Error Reporting

If there is an error while sending WooCommerce Order data to Zoho CRM, an email containing the error details will be sent to the specified email.

CRM Logs

View a detailed log of each WooCommerce Order sent (or not sent) to Zoho CRM and easily resend an entry to Zoho CRM.

Export Logs as CSV

Easily export Zoho CRM Logs as a CSV file for forecasting, bookkeeping, and accounting purposes.

Full Synchronization

All WooCommerce Orders are fully synchronized with Zoho CRM. If you update/delete/restore an Order that Order will be updated/deleted/restored in Zoho CRM.

Filter Entries

By default all WooCommerce Orders are sent to Zoho CRM, but you can apply filters & setup rules to limit the entries sent to Zoho CRM.

Send Data As Notes

You can send one to many fields data as Zoho CRM entry Note.

Assign Objects

An Object created/updated by one feed can be assigned to the Object created/updated by other feed.

Powerful Extensions

Yes, our Professional & Developer licenses include 10+ free add-on extensions

Choose the Best Package

  • Basic
    $99 / Year
    • Use on 1 WordPress Site
    • 1 Year of Support & Updates
    • No Add-ons
    • Basic Email Support
  • Developer
    $199 / Year
    • Use on 25 WordPress Sites
    • 1 Year of Support & Updates
    • 15+ Premium Add-ons
    • Priority Email Support

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4 reviews for Woocommerce Zoho Plugin

  1. wally (verified owner)

    This is a very good plugin as it takes care of all of the integration required between woocommerce to Zoho. Also it provides very high level of configuration handling which is not available in other plugins in market being offered as bridge between zoho and woocommerce. Moreover it does the reverse synchup from Zoho to Woocommerce too which is very much required for inventory management. Sales order, Invoices, Customer and products synchup all are working well. Very important factor is tax handling. Zoho and woocommerce manages tax in different way and this plugin understand the difference and imports the customer,products,orders into zoho with proper tax handling. Product team is also very quick in providing support. They release fixes/enhancements quickly too and do not keep the client waiting for fixes. I have experienced the same. I highly recommend this plugin where someone is having wordpress/woocomerce as frontend and Zoho as CRM backend. I even recommend Zoho team to consider including this plugin as official Zoho Woocommerce integration. I wish this team and their plugin a great success.

  2. Steve Hansen (verified owner)

    I had tried many other plugins before I decided to settle with this plugin. This plugin has all the features needed to sync data between Zoho CRM and WooCommerce. The custom feed option is what I am very impressed with as you can map any fields and create a separate feed for each section like Contact, Sales, Quote, People, etc. and apply rules to meet the requirements. Their support team is also responsive and helped us to fix the issue that we were having an issue with the YITH Quote Plugin.

  3. Olivier Gingras-Audet (verified owner)

    Great support!

    Subscriptions would be a great add.

  4. Suzanne Porter (verified owner)

    A really good plugin which is now saving us a lot of time, as we can integrate all orders into zoho across all of our websites. We got support for the first website integration with zoho, and then I could do the rest myself just from cross referencing the first website set up. I just wish I had gotten this plugin sooner! I would definitely recommend this plugin for anyone who uses Zoho.

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