Post Data from WordPress to Salesforce

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Create a Feed for Contact, Lead etc

Install any of our Salesforce plugin then create a feed for Contact/Account/Lead. Map required fields in feed , set primary key (if needed). You can add your required fields in feed.

Assign One Object to other Object (e.g Assign Account to Contact)

You can use ID from other feeds in any feed. For example , assigning Account to Account Name field in Contact Object.

Create an Order in Salesforce from WooCommerce Order

Simply create a feed for Order and Check “Create an order product for each line item” Checkbox. Make sure that Product Code Of Salesforce product and SKU of WooCommerce product is same.

Map WooCommerce order line items to Salesforce line items

Plugin auto maps Qty, title and Price fields of line items. You can map your custom line item field in feed.

Update Existing Object (Order, Opportunity etc)

Set any field as Primary key , it should be not empty and mapped in feed. Field value should be same in all feeds, one which creates an object and other feed which updates that object.

Send Files from WordPress to Salesforce

Simply map “Files” field in feed. you can map up to 5 file fields. if you using Contact form 7 then install our Contact Form Entries plugin for saving Contact form files.

Sync Products from WooCommerce to Salesforce

Create a feed , Select “Products” Object then map WooCommerce Product Attributes fields to Salesforce Products fields. Finally select “Product Created/updated” event. It will send newly created and updated products to salesforce.

Send historical Orders and Products to Salesforce

Install our wordpress to crm addon for bulk exporting historical orders/products. Test first by sending one order/product. it is like manually sending order/product to Salesforce but this addon applies this to selected orders/products.

Send Order data updates to Salesforce

Go to Woocommerce > Settings > Salesforce and choose any option from settings. When you update customer name or address in woocommerce order , plugin auto sends this to Salesforce.

Sync WooCommerce Order Status  to Salesforce

Create a feed for Salesforce Order etc then set Order status as custom value in feed and select Event (when you want to send wooccommerce status to Salesforce).

Sync WordPress Users to Salesforce

Sync Products from  Salesforce to WooCommerce

When you want to send data to Salesforce.

You can choose an event for sending WooCommerce Data to Salesforce. When feed is dependent on other feeds (like assigning account to contact) then select same event in all feeds.

Send Shipping as Line Item in Salesforce.

Map “Shipping Total” and ” Price Book ID Entry of Shipping Item” fields in feed.

You can easily get Price Book entry ID of shipping Product in Salesforce.

Add Contact to Opportunity

Create a feed for Contact , other feed for Opportunity, finally create third feed for Opportunity Contact Role and select Contact feed and Opportunity feed in relevant fields.

Update Campaign member Status

if you want to update status of existing campaign member then set “CampaignId+ContactId” as custom primary key in “campaign Member” feed.

Salesforce Person Accounts

for creating person accounts, keep account name field empty  and map first and last name fields in Accounts feed.

Create Lead, if No contact in salesforce

you can set filters in lead feed, run lead feed, if contact feed did not find any contact from salesforce.

actually it depends on your duplicate check rules in salesforce (e.g you can not add a lead if a contact with same name or email exists in salesforce) , please try setting multiple primary keys in feed OR modify duplicate check rules in salesforce.

Conditional field values

Go to “Settings > CRM Perks Addons” and install Conditional field edit addon for modifying contact form field value before sending it to CRM.


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