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Conditional fields Add-on

Go to “Settings > CRM Perks Addons” and install “edit field value” addon, Modify field value of Gravity Forms entry, Contact Form 7 entry and WooCommerce Order according to different conditions you set.

for example , if you want to change country value from “_unitedStates” to “US”

If you want to modify standard field then select same field in feed.

If you do not want to modify any standard field then set any field name like “new_custom_field” in feed.

You can set new field name as custom value too.

Wordpress to CRM addon exports Old/partial entries to CRM. Test first by sending one entry. You can set cron OR manually send send bulk entries to CRM.

Go to “Settings > CRM Perks Addons” and install “CRM Perks Backup” addon, You can export feeds and accounts from one site to other site. If you want to copy feeds , simply export feeds and re-import feeds. Copying feeds from one form to other form is a bit tricky , export all feeds , then open that file and copy json , prettify json in jsonlint.com , modify form_id to required new form_id
then import this file.

You can assign lead/contact to different CRM users according to different conditions.

This addon tracks utms and custom parameters and send this data to your CRM.


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