Post Data from Gravity Forms to Salesforce

 In Gravity Forms

Connect Salesforce Account

Go to Forms > Settings > Salesforce and click “Add New Account” button.
If API is enabled in your salesforce account then connect via API , it supports all features. You can connect using Salesforce orgID too , it does not support all features (you can only create Lead or case in salesforce).

Create a Feed for Contact, Lead etc

Go to Forms -> select any form -> Settings -> salesforce then create new feed. Select desired Salesforce object( Contact/Account/Lead etc ). Map required fields in feed , set primary key (if needed). Primary key field should be not empty and mapped in feed.

Assign One Object to other Object (e.g Assign Account to Contact)

You can use ID from other feeds in any feed. For example , assigning Account to Account Name field in Contact Object.

Verify Data sent to Salesforce

You can verify which data was sent to Salesforce by checking log detail. Yo can manually send entry to salesforce by clicking “Send to Salesforce” button.

Sync Salesforce data to WordPress

Our WordPress to CRM Add-on has following features.

  • Prefill contact form fields from salesforce(only gravity forms is supported)
  • Convert simple dropdown field to a search field and search data from CRM.
  • update entry field from Salesforce record.

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