Post Data to Mailchimp

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Create Mailchimp API Key

Login to mailchimp account, go to Profile > Extras > API Leys and click “create Key” button.

Create a Feed for Contact

Create a feed for Contacts. Select any mailchimp list then Map mailchimp list fields to any contact form 7 fields. Plugin displays all mailchimp merge fields. Free version does not support all mailchimp fields.

Mailchimp GDPR fields

If you enabled GDPR in mailchimp list then you can map GDPR consent field in feed. You can map contact form checkbox field to mailchimp GDPR consent field or simply set “1” as custom value.

Verify Data sent to Mailchimp

You can verify which data was sent to Mailchimp by checking log detail. Yo can manually send entry( Contact Form Entries plugin is required) to Mailchimp by clicking “Send to Mailchimp” button.

Send Conditional Tags and Interests

​Make sure you have deleted free version and activated pro version by entering license key,  click “refresh fields” button in feed and map “Tags” or “Interests” fields in feed.

Conditional field values(Tags, Interests etc)

Go to “Settings > CRM Perks Addons” and install Conditional field edit addon for modifying contact form field value before sending it to Mailchimp.

Send Contact Form Options (Dropown, Radio, Interests etc)

Copy correct options from Mailchimp and use those options in contact form 7 fields. You can use “|” for separating  label and Mailchimp value.

Edit options field in Gravity Forms and map correct option values like this

Three possible reasons for this error are

  1. You did not set email as primary key in feed.
  2. it is GDPR rule that we can not automatically re-subscribe any one via API. You can manually subscribe any contact but not via API.
  3. make sure you are not using two mailchimp Sync methods, it is a known issue with mailchimp API , after creating a contact , it does not appear in search for few seconds.

Send Old/Partial Gravity form entries

From WP main menu, Go to “Settings > CRM Perks Addons” and install WP to CRM addon, set cron for exporting entries to your CRM.


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